Saturday, January 22, 2005

Spinning my wheels

Well I seem to be in the same place I was last week. Although this time I feel myself slipping over the edge into what I don't know. I did find out some good news, that is if I can qualify it that way. I found out that the close friend that I have romantic intentions towards still considers me a good friend. I see this as one, not being thrown completely from her life. Two being that I am not all the way back to meaning as much to her as she means to me. At this point I am in no rush to complicate my life any further than that so I am happy with that situation. My biggest concern right now is the fact I have been unemployed for so long. I am litterly driving myself nuts trying to get a job. It has even forced me into depression, and only myself to rely upon. I am thankful for my Brother as without him I would be on the street of that I am sure. I am fed up with working for someone, I seriously wish I had the capital to open my own business. I even had an offer for another job as a cable tech but that required me to have a truck with a ladder rack. I have a car so that makes that job not available. I am doing volunteer work for a church that I go to so that helps some in the fact that I need something to do. But that only works for so long, and that does not bring in any money. I am praying that something will happen soon, I don't know what will happen but I am going down hill fast.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Week 1

Well so far I think I might do updates once a week or so. I am climbing the walls, I am just tired of not having a job. I have tried to working harder to establish steady employment. There is only one person, my friend in Iowa who has been supportive of me. Most everyone I see on a daily basis tell me that if I wanted a job I would have one. It is far from easy to get a quality job, that I will be happy working at. I hope my situation will improve soon, I am getting really close to the end of my rope.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A New Year, time for something different

Happy New Year, welcome to the year 2005

Well I have decided to keep an online journal as a way of doing something different with my life. I have not had a good year, so hopefully this year will be better. I am working on right now trying to find a job. It has been hard to find something, and I know im not the only one finding the job market less that favorable. I just had an interview today, hopefully it will come out ok, they told me they would let me know by Friday. I moved to NJ 4 1/2 months ago and I am still adjusting to it. I miss being in Nebraska, the open spaces and just the general pace of life there. No snow yet, just lots of rain today, back in Nebraska they are getting snow. Well I will try to post regularly here or in my link or photo blogs.