Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mapping your "Google Drive" as a network Drive

These instructions should apply to Windows 7 and Windows 8, the screen shot above is Windows 8 Consumer Preview;

1.      Open the “Computer” option from the start menu
2.      Select the “C:” drive, right click and choose Properties.
3.      Select the “Sharing” Tab.
4.      Click on the “Advanced Sharing” button
5.      Check the box on “Share this folder” on this dialog box.
6.      If you wish to change the share name, do so then click on apply then OK.
7.      Close out of the properties dialog box for the “C:” drive.
8.      Click the “Map Network Drive” option on the “Computer” ribbon.
9.      Choose a drive letter to associate with your “Google Drive” I chose “G:”
10.  Next to the “Folder” box click the “Browse” button.
11.  In the “Browse for Folder” Dialog box you will see your network map.  If you have done the sharing properly, you will see your “C:” Drive under your computer name.
12.  Navigate to your Google Drive;
Example (this is my path on my computer);
\\Jon-duo\c\Users\Jon\Google Drive
13.  Click on the “Finish” Button, and you have now mapped your “Google Drive” to the “G:” network drive.